Mechanical Engineering is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, it is a very didactic profession, fun and full of innovation for the most demanding. If you discovered that your true vocation is to study this career and that you will put everything of you for it, then here we give you your “version of the future”: look at some of the skills that a mechanical engineer dominates, like you will do soon.

1. Ability to create: Do terms like hydraulics and thermodynamics seem confusing? Once you finish the degree, you will use them as a basis to design and manufacture the machines and their parts that many industries use. As well as fisheries, textiles, food factories, etc. These machines make daily work much easier and faster.

2. Act with innovative thinking: Not everything is creating tangible things or heavy machinery. Like any engineer, you will have the ability to innovate in designs, strategies and technological processes. And all with an analytical mentality that you will strengthen with time.

Mechanical Engineering

3. Ability to improve from the simplest process to the most complex: Did you know that what we eat every day, like tuna, noodles or sweets, go through a series of processes in a gigantic factory? You will be the pillar of mechanical production, machinery, energy industries and more. You will be able to improve this whole world.

4. Problem solving: An ability that starts with your talent with numbers, logic, analytic and your ability to reason. Everything, combined with your professional skills, will make you achieve success.

5. Communicative Skill: Like any engineer, you will relate to others in your field. From geologists, industrial engineers, business managers, etc. Your ability to improve relationships among all will be paramount. Do not forget that entrepreneurship will not be alien to you.