You may not have begun to consider your future, you may already be clear, you are sure to want this engineering or any other, you may be inside and you are very frustrated, or maybe even, if it seems a lie, already You are finished

Be that as it may, as a student of this degree I would like to comment on what is happening between the walls of engineering schools, specifically in the computer science; And with it help to decide to those who still are not clear where they want to enter, be it to join the computer or to flee from it; to give a pat on the back and encouragement to those who are already suffering, and to give the congratulations to those who have finished the degree.

Computer Engineering
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As many of my colleagues have said repeatedly, the first thing you must learn is to suffer and overcome you continuously, the world of engineering requires a very large capacity for abstraction, but if we get into the field of computing, this is returns primordial, you must know how to work with abstract aspects, the first thing that will get you will surely be object-oriented programming, and you will hardly know for sure what an object is until certain months have passed.

While programs, it is you who have to shape in your head what you are typing, there are no photos, there is no graphical representation of the structures you are working with, you must adapt your thinking to what you are dedicating.

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Second point to take into account: mathematics and physics are important and necessary, let’s take into account that the first ones that were dedicated to this world were engineers, especially industrialists, mathematicians, and physicists. Informatics is largely electronic, and to know electronics we must know physics. The other great part of the computer science are, of course, mathematics, any subject that we are going to study, be it programming, logic, artificial intelligence, etc. It has a huge mathematical base behind it, without mathematics there would be no computing.

Thirdly we have to know our working environment, so we also need to learn about computers, architecture and structure, how they work inside, and also on the Internet, networks are important, how would we not know what happens between us and To the server to which we are making a request?

Arrived here, we have brushstrokes of what we are going to find, but now comes the most important, and this applies to any engineering, not just to computer: determination.

Computer Engineering
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The main factor to get this forward is not the subjects we have, their degree of difficulty, or the talent of each one. No, it’s us. If we really like what we are studying, there is no integral, circuit or program that will cut the way, there will not be a day that we do not think it was worth getting up early or late. The illusion and the desire are what mark the distance that we are going to arrive.

Everyone says that we must learn to suffer, in fact I have said a few lines above, but I think that what we really must learn is to enjoy, to enjoy the feeling of work well done, although sometimes it costs quite enough To that feeling, to enjoy learning what we like, to compile and work what we do, to finally get that problem where we had been stuck for days or weeks.

We entered here knowing that the price of success is very high, that absolutely nobody would give us anything, and we will leave knowing how to overcome any situation, with the satisfaction of being able to face any problem and with more desire to eat the world than we had when we started.

We must not come down, no matter at what crossroads we find ourselves, we must always keep in mind that wrong is good and that all success is a succession of mistakes.

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