Currently most concrete or concrete used in construction is made based on Portland cement , of which there are several types. But this cement has a new competitor, developed by a research team composed of professionals 4 institutions of higher education, and that turns out to be a much more sustainable material, environmentally speaking.

The new cement obtained showed excellent properties laboratory scale. It is composed of ceramic sanitary waste, waste brick and porcelain tiles, materials which obtained a conglomerate with higher than those used today features.

To use the ceramic or brick residue is added a chemical activator and water. Activating substances that have been tested are sodium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide mixtures sodium silicate, and are currently experimenting with rice husk ash to make the product even more sustainable.

The participating institutions are: Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), University Jaume I of Castellón (Spain), Imperial College London (UK) and Paulista State University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). The first results of the research have been published in the journal Construction and Building Materials. Visit for more tips.