The importance of machines in production is indisputable and immense, since they increase and speed up procedures, improve work, make things cheaper, save painful efforts, make man master of production, facilitate trade, extend consumption, satisfy many needs and promote universal welfare.

Industrial port and container yard

There are many manufacturers of products and goods around the world. They depend on different kinds of machines during their production processes. There are different options when buying machinery that can be buying a completely new machine, buying a used one, subcontracting a company to carry out a stipulated process or simply renting the machine for hours, days or more…. Many companies can buy new machinery because they have financial strength, but in some cases they only need machines to develop just one project, for this reason a new trend is taking place in the world, taking advantage of the rise of digital platforms, which They have served to create strategies in which companies can buy used machinery in perfect condition or, in a certain case, also sell it. This is of great help because it promotes financial and operational advantages for companies, in addition to being an ecological alternative to give a second life to a machine in perfect condition.

When buying a machine, there are often several parties involved, a supplier, a dealer, all of whom offer support in the areas of financing, transportation, logistics, installation and maintenance. These new commercial platforms have a large inventory of machinery for all industries, which are organized by categories, hours of use, brands, models, year of manufacture, location, type of use in the industry, among others…

These tools are easy to use and with great guarantees. To do this, the serial number of each piece of equipment must be specified, as well as the documentation proving its authenticity. The process can be completed with photos or videos of the team in action. If there is interest, the commercial manager can arrange a video call between both parties in which the potential buyer can see the machine in action and request that certain movements be made to evaluate its performance. Subsequently, the team proceeds to “reserve” it and a visit to the supplier can be made to adjust the conditions of the operation.

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