The oil is fossil fuel that is deep, where the pressure and temperature acting on plant debris over millions of years. For this reason, the oil is considered a non-renewable element, and although we still have quite soon could have synthetic oil, a question certainly interesting.

The company Pyrum Innovations is responsible for this, as it is developing a vertical reactor of 25 meters, which can transform up to 5,000 tons per year in oil tire. To achieve the goal the company has resorted to pyrolysis, thus achieving heat the material but without allowing it to combustion.

Basically, the reactor allows heat the rubber granules to a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius, then the material is subsequently condensed to refine, obtaining oil, gas and coke. The oil 60% diesel, 30% gasoline, and 10% will solvents.

Oil manufactured

But the interesting point is that in theory the reactor would be sufficient since to finance their operation could use some of the same fuel generated. It is estimated to be 50% oil, 38% coke and 12% remaining the natural gas. These percentages would take part to operate the system.

This does not seem too bad, considering that annually about 17 million tons of tires are generated, according to the Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME). However, this technology will compete with renewable energies, and which cost these begin to take off, maybe the end is not so convenient.