New application for cellular allows customers to be located more quickly and control the arrival of the vehicular assistance. In the case of a minor accident no longer necessary to wait for an attorney reaches the place, coverage would be approved with just one call.

Pacific Insurance sent us the following official information:

The advantages of having insurance cover not only the economic but the tranquility and good service. Seeking to strengthen these benefits and develop new ways to support their policyholders, Pacific Insurance launches two new services that add calmly and quickly to the care they need.

If the insured is in an area which has few references and may not indicate where it is located, thanks to the application “Mobile Pacific” it can be located via GPS of your phone. There will be sent to the nearest advisor, ensuring a better time arrival and customer satisfaction. In addition, the insured may see the movement that made the advisor to the point of his accident, to have the security of your attention.

“This application, which can be downloaded for Android and iOS phones, allows the user to request support vehicles: crane, adviser accidents, and mechanical assistance, only in Lima, but later services will be incorporated into other branches. We hope that in the first three months 3000 downloads of this application by our policyholders are made, “said Carlos Navarro, manager of the Vehicle Insurance Division of Pacific Insurance.

Pacific Insurance Assistance vehicular via mobile app

Instant approval

Another service that launches Pacific Insurance is the Immediate Approval of coverage, which would apply in the case of minor accidents that do not require the assistance of a consultant accidents. For example, a dent by hitting a sardine. The procedure is to notify the insurer about the accident with a call and after a brief evaluation, coverage is approved.

“Pacific is characterized by acting under the principle of good faith and this has enabled us to carefully develop care protocols that allow us to take some risks, in order to provide better service to our customers. Thus, the instant approval is a benefit that we provide care to be as fast and convenient as possible, “said Carlos Navarro.


Pacific Insurance mobilized about 41,000 advisers in Lima and provinces over the past year to care for their auto insurance customers, allocating more than 25 thousand cranes to assist them and about 39,000 were provided with mechanical assistance.