No matter if you are going on a trip that will take a long time or if you will be traveling extensively, it is a good idea for you to plan activities that can keep you busy while you are traveling, staying in hotels, and when you have down time. Many individuals go on long flights that can last for a day or two. Other individuals will go on backpacking trips that last for six months or more. No matter why you are traveling, if you plan some activities, you will be able to keep yourself busy and enjoy the time you spend traveling.

The type of activity you plan is going to depend on the things you’d like to do. Some things that most people enjoy doing are watching movies, listening to music, or reading books and magazines while they travel. These kind of activities will keep a person busy when they are flying, traveling on buses, or staying in hostels and hotels. After a while though, a person can get tired of listening to audio books and watching movies. For this reason, it is good to plan other activities.


Many individuals have found that they can bring along a hobby. For example, if you like needlework, carrying thread, needles, and fabric to sew on is very easy and does not take up much space. You can work on beautiful needlework projects while traveling. Or if you like to make jewelry, you can take along all of your small tools and jewelry making items. This can include beads, zirconia balls, and other items used to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Other individuals like to take a long items to draw or sketch. They may just sketch something from their mind, or they may sketch something that they see as they are traveling. Other individuals will take along coloring books and markers. There are some beautiful coloring books that have been designed for adults in order to help people to relax and enjoy some creativity at home or when they are out on the road.

Just think of the things that you like to do every day. This will help you to plan activities that will be fun when you are out on your trip. Something else to consider is taking up a new hobby since you will likely have more time to learn something as you are traveling.