The quest to develop a technology to store electricity goes beyond the field of batteries, which by the way are very unsatisfactory. Despite the many investigations that are currently underway, consumers do not have a battery that is level with what is needed. With the current situation, everything is possible, even a clay to win the battle to the batteries.

A team of researchers from the Drexel University, US, has developed a material that resembles dough, which can store electrical energy. The point to note is that the material could store up to three times the electrical energy that is capable of storing a conventional battery.

store energy

But besides the conductive clay of electricity would represent a much cheaper and safer to store electrical energy technology, which is a very interesting development. This material derives from titanium carbide and has been named as MXeno. In fact, it is not new since it was discovered in 2011.

The MXeno is a material that belongs to the family of materials that can condense a lot of energy stored in the form of electrostatic potential, allowing loads in seconds, as well as large and fast downloads, but its durability is affected.