There are different types of temporary structures on the market. You can choose to go for industrial tents or steel-framed buildings. These structures have plenty of benefits over permanent types such as brick-and-mortar houses.

Temporary structures are also more versatile and can be used for various activities. Most business owners, especially those that require storage units, often prefer to use temporary structures as warehouses. The structures can also be modified to be used for residential purposes.

In this guide, we look at the benefits of steel-framed buildings. We will also highlight other options that are on the market other than steel-framed buildings.

Cheap Setup

Temporary structures are very cheap to set up. The materials needed to build the structure typically come ready straight from the factory. The steel beams are held together using bolts and nuts to form the base of the frame.

Steel framed buildings can be set up on any surface. This means that you will save quite a lot since you don’t have to build a concrete slab. Another benefit is that the construction time is considerably short compared to erecting a permanent structure. Overall, you will spend fewer days, meaning labor costs will be cheaper.


Moving a permanent brick-and-mortar house to a different location is impossible. The only choice you may have is to pull down the structure and salvage some materials from the rubble, which you will use to rebuild the structure. This process is quite expensive and not worth the effort.

The process is much easier with temporary structures. As mentioned earlier, the facilities are built using steel beams held together using nuts and bolts. This makes the structure portable as it can be pulled down easily and the materials transferred to the new location.


Steel framed buildings from Smart-Space are versatile and can be used for various needs. These structures can be as tall as 12 meters and have a wide floor. The structure can also be customized with extra wall padding for insulation and used for residential needs.

Temporary steel-framed buildings are perfect for setting up indoor arenas, classrooms, or offices. Due to the high ceilings, forklifts can easily move around, which is why they are mostly used as warehouses.

Customized steel-framed buildings are more expensive than industrial tents. However, they offer more benefits concerning versatility.

Other Types of Temporary Structures

Steel framed buildings are more expensive but come with plenty of perks. However, there are other cheaper options on the market. One of the most affordable and cost-effective options is industrial tents. Depending on how long you plan to use them, you can rent or buy industrial tents.

The next option is the permanent steel structure. These structures are built on concrete surfaces, but the walls and roofs are made of high-quality steel. They are the best option if you’re looking for something more long-lasting.

Wrapping Up

Temporary structures offer plenty of benefits, which is why most people, especially business owners, choose them over permanent structures. It would be best to consider a few factors when selecting a temporary structure.

Look at the fees. You have the option of leasing the structure if you’re planning to use it for a short period. The other thing you should consider is how quickly you need it. Industrial tents are the best if you’re looking for a quick-fix solution.

Overall, steel-framed buildings are quite good and long-lasting. You can customize them or modify the structure if you need more space. They are also perfect if you are in places with harsh weather conditions. Steel-framed facilities require less maintenance and can withstand tough weather conditions.