The pylons are indispensable for the development of any urban center. Are these towers that hold the cables that transmit electricity from the production centers to the homes where it is needed? But nobody can deny that the pylons are quite boring.

If the engineers we like to prioritize the above functional aesthetics, which is certainly good, as I prefer something that works well with something that looks nice but does not work so well. However, sometimes an aesthetic touch is worth, especially when it comes to structures of enormous dimensions that clash with the scenery.

Pylons with brilliant designs 2 Pylons with brilliant designs Pylons with brilliant designs3

For this reason, it caught my attention a series of images of pylons with great designs, which shows that the functional and the aesthetic are not always fighting. And no one can deny that a pylon-shaped deer is much better than the towers are used to seeing.

The issue is that pylons with brilliant designs often represent higher production costs because usually require much equipment, and construction is complicated, which is a disadvantage against the conventional towers. But I think the extra cost is well worth it, as it will be something that will be visible for many years.