I remember a couple of series about doctors I saw that the characters get to practice their surgical skills in fruits, especially bananas and grapes. This guesses by the softness and fragility of the same, same question why a challenge is. Well, there are robotic arms that can sew a grape perfectly.

I’m talking about The da Vinci Surgical, a robotic system that has excellent capabilities in terms of microsurgery. These robotic arms have been developed in order to perform delicate microsurgery, having the minimal patient invasion. That if, behind the robotic system is a human.

We not yet arrived at the time when the robots can operate independently to humans. Behind The da Vinci Surgical is a person who controls the movements of the robotic arms; More specifically, there is a doctor with the expertise to do this kind of medical interventions.

So maybe you wonder what the robotic system. Well, the great advantage of robotics, in this case, is that it eliminates the tremors of the hands of the physician, which is minimally invasive microsurgery. That is, the robot mimics exactly the movements of the specialist, but suppresses hand-shake.