In addition to providing delicious food, you can also opt for catering services for your guests, which is a great way to impress your guests without blowing your budget. You can cater to your guests in many different ways, from buffet-style service to passing dishes, depending on what is on the catering menu Newport, KY. In addition, catering for events will allow you to accommodate dietary restrictions and make your guests feel special without breaking the bank. If you’re wondering whether you should consider catering for your next event, read on for some tips.

Passed and buffet-style service is the easiest option.

Buffets are ideal for catering during events because they offer a wide variety of food in small portions. People who come to the buffet can easily choose a few bites and continue to mingle. Moreover, there is no need to worry about serving sizes – guests can pick and choose from an array of dishes to satisfy their appetites. Buffets are also a great way to get people moving. Buffets are set up with chaffing dishes, large platters, or baskets, depending on the number of people attending.

Buffets are the easiest option for catering during events, as they are cheaper than the other two types. Buffets are also a great option for smaller events because you can easily provide a selection of lighter snacks for your guests. Buffets can also be an excellent option if your event takes place outdoors. Passed and a buffet-style service are good options for small events where food is served to everyone.

Specialty catering packages can wow guests without breaking your budget.

A special theme party is a perfect way to impress your guests, and there are several ways to make the food stand out without going over budget. One way to keep costs down is to include a signature drink or two during the event. Alcohol is always the most expensive item on a catering menu, so you may want to choose a signature drink instead. Also, choose something that goes with the theme of your party. Caterers can even customize the table if you would like, for example, wine bottles placed on each table for guests. 

Benefits of hiring a caterer for events

Hiring a caterer for events has many benefits. First, the staff will prepare the food and clean up afterward. It saves you from preparing food and worrying about the serving details. A professional catering service will also handle the logistics of setting up the party, cooking the food, and storing the leftovers. These benefits are invaluable to anyone hosting an event, so take advantage of them.

A caterer will ensure that the food is presented beautifully. The chefs at a professional catering company are trained to do so. It means that guests will be impressed, and you will receive a higher rate of return business. You can focus on other aspects of planning the event. A professional caterer will be able to provide you with a menu and choose the right dishes based on the type of event you’re hosting.


There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of catering during events. While your budget will likely be the most important factor, you should remember that “standard service” will mean different things to different caterers. Depending on your event’s size and style, you can expect to pay anywhere from 30 to 40% of the total budget for catering. You might consider using a food truck or buffet for a low-budget event. Alternatively, you could opt for full-service catering.

While many factors will affect the cost of catering during events, a few factors can substantially impact. The type of menu and service you choose will determine the cost of the entire event. While a simple hors d’oeuvres buffet will probably come with the lowest price tag, adding stations can quickly raise costs. For example, a cake cut-out station may cost extra if you want a cake to accompany your dinner.