To work as a top-rated freelance cloud engineer, you have to be amongst the best, which means acquiring important cloud computing skills that place you at the very top.

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Understanding the Cloud and Cloud Providers

Understanding how the cloud works and what cloud service provider you would be working with is essential, to begin with. These cloud service providers vary in their properties and type of services.

You should be able to compare their features to determine which best suits a need or project. You may need to compare them to choose which cloud provider you feel comfortable with.

Security and Recovery

No cloud system is complete without the assurance of security and data recovery. You need to acquire skills to secure stored data from hackers, avoid security breaches, and, more importantly, recover lost data.

As part of security checks, you should be able to keep track of data security, measure how safe the cloud systems are, and respond swiftly to unexpected happenings, just like the support at leroi johnny.


Major companies run their servers and software using Linux. So, you must have a high level of proficiency in handling a Linux operating system. Most companies look out for individuals with hands-on experience with Linux and its operating system, with a strong shell scripting system.

So, to gain enough experience and mastery of Linux, you’ll have to take Linux courses for developers and cloud engineers. Overall, you should have deep knowledge of the architecture, design, maintenance, and monitoring of Linux operating systems.


Major parts of cloud computing require you to code and develop new software for the smooth running of a company’s cloud. Strong proficiency with programming languages like Java, SQL, and Python gives you an edge in the competitive market. You can employ your programming skills for cloud architecture and development to create integrated clouds that meet specific client needs.


Virtualization is as fundamental as programming is in cloud computing. Your ability to easily migrate and run the software in virtual environments would be a competitive advantage for you. Also, this is important because as a company or business grows, it would need scalability to adjust IT resources to fit business demands for that period.


Communication is a vital skill for any freelancer. You should be able to communicate and cooperate with your clients to achieve the best results for them. Even though you don’t work on-site, you want to show them you’re a team player and committed to work. Grab a course or two that teaches client retention and business communication. You’ll be glad you did.