While some of the technology industry is currently farmed overseas so American corporations can save money, the projections for software engineering vocations look good over the next decade. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics assesses all jobs in America to determine which ones are projected to grow upward and which ones are projected to grow downward. Thankfully, for those looking into a career as a software developer, the projections are headed upward.


To get right to what’s important to many the average median pay for software developers was $103,560 per year in 2017, according to the BLS. This equates to almost $50 an hour, but of course, where you live and your specialty will affect how much money you can make as a software engineer. The work does require a bachelor’s degree, but if you move on to earn your master’s degree as well, you will command a higher salary when you accept any one of the numerous job offers you may receive. In fact, you may be able to secure a management position right out of college.

Even though software engineering jobs require a bachelor’s degree, many do not require previous work experience. Because this vocation is technical in nature, you can learn what you need to know in school; on-the-job training is not required, or at the very least minimal, to begin your career as a developer. You will need to learn the individual company’s ropes, but you should have the tools you need to perform the work from your higher education, especially if you go for your postgraduate degree, which will increase your knowledge and skill set.

Availability and Growth

A career as a software engineer is not only lucrative it’s also in demand. The BLS reports that in 2016, there were over 1.2 million software developer jobs in the United States. Because software engineers are the “creative minds behind computer programs,” per the BLS, they are in high demand at all times. As technology changes, the need for updated software changes, and those entering into this field can rest assure they should have relatively high job security. Of course, you’ll have to work hard and be good at what you do, but there shouldn’t be a high risk of losing or being out of work.

Although the work environment can be stressful, it’s also challenging and exciting. You will be pushed to create something no computer manufacturer or customer can live without, and that will be stressful. However, imagine developing the next game that is all the rage or the next business software that becomes the norm? Many developers find the rewards of their work outweigh the stresses, and since the BLS projects demand for engineers to grow by 24 percent through 2026, you’ll have plenty of job opportunities from which to choose.

As long as technology continues to move forward, which it almost certainly will, the demand for software developers should increase as well. This is why many people study software engineering. The work not only pays wells, it appears it will remain steady for years to come. When you take into account the potential for a six-figure income, it makes sense to work hard while you’re young so you can retire early and enjoy your pre-Golden Years.