Nowadays it is impossible to think of doing work without using software for engineers who have, without shadow of doubt, entered the daily lives of professionals.

If you could already have the profession of engineer even without having expertise in using specific engineers today, it is practically impossible to do so. If you are thinking of starting a professional studio, you know that it will be impossible to do it without using specific engineers programs for better performing the profession.

In addition to the canonical software dedicated to the design and technical drawing, a modern design studio cannot help but programs for engineers for the energetic certification in, for programs security or to the structural calculation …

Software Technology CAD: Software that leverages CAD technology is design and technical drawing tools that allow you to work on both 2D and 3D so that a designer can create a series of technical drawings. Certainly the most known and used CAD software is Autodesk AutoCAD, which over time has added many other useful features for designers.

Integrated Cad / Computed Software: On the market, there are programs for specific engineers who, besides the 2D and 3D drawing functions, can get the estimated metric of the project. An example of this type of software is ACCA PriMus-CAD.

CAD / structural integrated software: The structural calculation of a building varies according to the construction type with which it is built and therefore many Cad programs, such as the well-known Sismicad Concrete Concrete Cement, can integrate its functions with integrated structural calculations, are divided according to how it has been achieved the building.

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Integrated Cad / Implant Software: In addition to the software dedicated to the development of a graphical work, there are also programs that are able to integrate all of the engineering design modules, for firefighting, for thermotechnics, for gas grid design and for all other systems that are or will be the subject of production. An example is Namirial MEP of Namirial.

Software with BIM technology: The BIM procedure is a real revolution, so that most of the Software Houses have embraced the BIM solution by implementing their software, allowing them to create and manage BIM objects completely. An example of all is definitely Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite.

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Software to render rendering: In order to appreciate the project even for less “technical” people, it is useful to make architectural representation more and more like reality. In fact, some programs allow you to process images and movies that can excite the customer.

Software for structural calculation: Structural calculation programs allow for greater automation in project building and management. These software allow you to perform structural checks such as building three-dimensional modeling, static and dynamic seismic analysis.

Software for architectural or architectural relief: Today, there are so many App for smartphones and tablets, associated with PC programs, capable of performing accurate interior and exterior architectural surveys. An example is Blumatica Blanket Mobile Relief.

Software for aerofotogrammetry: Thanks to these programs, raster images and images can easily be mapped on existing designs or linked to topographical or architectural surveys.

Software for metric calculations: To define the cost of constructing a building, or any construction work, it is necessary to draw up an estimated metric calculus, so there are several programs to create a metric estimation calculation, a price list or list, as a compulog of Logical soft.

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Energy certification software: The energy certification market, in addition to recent regulatory obligations, seems to have been literally exploded over the last few years. A boom that has led hundreds of professional firms to take advantage of the energy certification market. Currently I am marketing programs to engineer the necessary to process all the design verifications required by the new Decree Minimum Requirements as TERMOLOG Epix 6 LOGICAL SOFT.

Security Software: For this purpose, there are several software that simplify the task of the professional in this field as SCHEDULOG of LOGICAL SOFT.

Fire Protection Software: Fire prevention is important for determining measures, measures, arrangements and modes of action that ensure a good level of safety. For this purpose there are programs dedicated to the design of fire-fighting systems such as WIN CPI.