In saying that artificial intelligence could destroy humanity, it seems that we are beginning to tell the plot of a fiction film. In fact, the statement sounds a bit paranoid and conspiratorial.However, if that is the view of Stephen Hawking then you have to pay attention to their arguments.

Hawking is one of the smartest people who have walked this planet, and at this stage, any issues that must be examined say very seriously. Not saying it’s right by de facto, but refute its arguments requires much study of the situation. Do you think that Hawking is exaggerating?

Image Source: Google image
Image Source: Google image

This great scientist and takes time trying to warn of the dangers of artificial intelligence. In fact only in December 2014 stated: “The development of a complete artificial intelligence may mark the end of the human race.” And the core of their argument is that it is humanity that should control the technology, preventing sometimes roles are reversed.

In my opinion, the development of technology is not going to stop, even when a brilliant mind has warned what can happen. It is almost inevitable stop the technological path, but you can adjust a bit the way to ensure that the technology we are not out of control.

To all this the biggest dilemma is who will control the technology since most of the risks that these entails are associated with the wisdom of those who use it, and in this respect humanity is far from reaching a consensus. That is, what for some may be a legitimate aim for others it may be something inappropriate.