The  professionals in engineering are in high demand by companies. However, a large supply of candidates also corresponds to a certain abundance of available places. Every year, in fact, thousands of new graduates leave the universities and enter the labor market, making it even more competitive.

In this scenario it becomes important to be able to emerge from the crowd by adopting an effective personal branding strategy.

The personal branding is that set of actions that aim to promote themselves and their skills to stand out significantly from the others, thus attracting the attention of companies and employers.

Personal branding strategies should adapt to the specific work environment; for example, the actions of “self-promotion” undertaken by a professional in communication will certainly be different from those of an expert in the administrative sector.

Considering the field of engineering, then, what are the strategic moves to stand out from the crowd?

personal branding techniques for an engineer
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The 3 tips to create a personal brand for an engineer

1) Start with a personal analysis: What are the qualities that differentiate you from other colleagues in your office? What distinguishes you from other engineers? Take some time to reflect and note what comes to mind. All this will be the basis of your brand identity on which you will then work to propose it to companies. Obviously you need to be honest and it is worth considering what the companies you would like to work for could look for a candidate.

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2) Identify the right channels to promote your personal brand: Developing your personal brand is important, but proposing it to others in the right way is just as important. For this reason it is essential to select the right channels to be known. For example, on LinkedIn, do not just report your job title, but also write a short summary explaining what your tasks are and what goals you have achieved.

Other actions to promote your personal brand are …

  • Talk: Find some seminars or industry events in line with your brand, participate and speak.
  • Write: Create your own blog where you can publish content that demonstrates your preparation in the engineering sector. If you do not feel like creating one of yours, propose yourself as a contributor to blogs that already have a certain following. This will allow you to immediately reach a wider audience.
  • Creating a network: Making new contacts with people in the sector is very useful. Attend conferences and seminars to get to know professionals in the engineering field and use channels like LinkedIn to create a virtual contact network.

3) Make your personal brand clear and coherent: To make you more easily recognizable, your image on the web must be coherent and well defined. To achieve this goal, it is appropriate:

  • Use the same photo for all your social media profiles and create “bio” or similar descriptions that highlight your skills and qualities.
  • Publish posts and tweets in line with the image you want to transmit about yourself.
  • Create your own website to update with always new content. This tool is useful both to show who you are and what your work is.
  • Check your reputation on the web by doing a Google search and analyzing which photos and information emerge. Make sure to eliminate what could harm your professional engineering image.