Going from paper to screen may not be so easy for everyone, but what can complicate things more is having to go through the bad experience of writing on screens with little sensitivity that does not reach different levels of the thickness or that are difficult to handle. . I know what I say because I went through it long before I came to the best writing tablet, which has been a ring to my finger. If you want to go straight for it, keep reading:

What is the best writing tablet?

There are several brands that bring us new models every minute that vary among themselves due to the incorporation of new technologies, as well as their more modern and stylish designs. Yes, all this supposes a quite wide price range that goes from the cheapest, of about 25 bucks, to the least economic one that is above double. In my comparison, you will see quality and functionality within your pocket.

Best Writing Tablets

  1. Grand being writing tablet

Fully portable

Digital writing in the palm of your hand, with the comfort you desire, because its 20 inches make this the best tablet to carry easily and comfortably in your briefcase or backpack. Its capacity allows you to write as much as if you use 100,000 sheets of a paper note. Keep reading lucky patcher ios

  1. NOUDOO graphic tablet

Very resistant

This graphics tablet has a super elegant design, but at the same time, it is so easy to use that it is also recommended for children. The entire exterior structure is made of highly durable materials that withstand accidental shocks like few models, it is very safe to use outside the home.

  1. Grandbeing A 12 Writing Tablet

With various accessories

It includes a conical pen that also serves as horizontal vision support, while its built-in magnets allow it to be attached to metal filing cabinets or refrigerators for better support when writing. Your electronic notes and drawings will not be accidentally erased thanks to the lock switch.

  1. NOBES writing tablet

Big battery

If you are designers or related, this is one of the most successful options to buy on the market because this model offers you the opportunity to obtain precise strokes at various levels of thickness, thanks to its high sensitivity. Furthermore, it is highly secure due to its key lock.

  1. Xiaomi Mijia series graphics tablet

You can erase with the comfort of a button

The comfort of this writing tool is truly remarkable because it is ideally sized to be manageable, but graphics and strokes are easily visible while being discreet enough to take you where you want.

  1. Newyes NYWT120 Writing Tablet

High usability with a positive impact

If you are environmentally conscious people, you will surely be amazed to know that it is with this device that you can take as many notes as you want, be sure that you will save more than 100,000 sheets of paper, a highly positive impact on the planet. It highly enhances the writing experience!

What is a writing tablet or eWritter?

When we talk about writing tablets or eWriter, we are talking about the same thing, a device used to take notes or make graphics directly on a screen without the need for any other device than a touch pen or even the same finger. Thus becoming an ideal writing tool for children and adults, especially for office, students, class, college, and related spaces.

How do they work?

These tablets have a liquid crystal display and work according to the principle of anisotropic flow, a unique characteristic of this type of crystals, in which they flow at different speeds, depending on the pressure direction applied.

This thin film of glass that we are talking about must be sandwiched between two sheets of specialized plastic, so the anisotropic flow causes the molecules to order themselves to reflect light in those places where a touch pen touches the sheet of plastic.

All this results in showing the written strokes and images that you make, which will be kept until they are electrically erased with the push of a button. The flash of an electric field rearranges the molecules so that they are less reflective.

Benefits of a writing tablet

In addition to reducing the use of paper and pencil. You will be pleased to know that these artifacts have even more benefits to offer you.

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Some 10.5-inch models only need 2 AAAA batteries to run and they do it for a long time.
  • Ultra-slim so they are easy to carry.
  • It locks easily to avoid deleting your notes and creations by mistake.
  • They usually include touch pens, but you can still use your finger. Writing tablet
    are very practical!
  • They are pressure-sensitive, allowing various levels of thickness in your strokes.
  • Some allow you to save and transport sketches and notes to a computer.

What to consider when choosing an eWriter?

To know which LCD writing tablet will meet our needs, it is important that we not only keep track of them in our search but also take into account the following aspects:

Tablet hardware and software components

We want it to have a long useful life, that is why we must know that each of its materials is of quality. From the shock-resistant outer covers to the device’s operating system, ROM, read memory, and RAM, which takes care of internal storage capabilities.

The ease of operation of the device

Most drawing tablets and memo pads offer a user-friendly interface. But more emphasis should be placed on this if they are for children.


You will see them in different sizes and thicknesses. This will depend on whether you will use it exclusively at home or if you will take it with you everywhere.

Battery duration

For long-term use, a large battery capacity will ensure you have experience.

Interoperability and interconnectivity with other devices

The transfer and exchange of information between our personal electronic devices may be important to share our information or to print it, for example.

Easy to use

The idea is to make the writing experience as natural and comfortable as handwriting. That’s why you will need a tablet that has an intuitive design and without major complications.


If you are one of those who take many notes or make many sketches. In addition to a large memory, make sure that you have the possibility of adding external memory to increase the possibilities.