Football is a phenomenon that moves crowds. No matter if it is World Cup season, Champions Cup or Liberators Cup, there are always thousands of fans interested in following the results of the games and new technologies, specifically the mobile phone, allows to follow these results wherever you are thanks to the apps of football.

Android applications to promote the results of different football leagues are sometimes created by large news chains as added value for their services, but at other times they are created by the conglomerates who manage the teams. Regardless of its creators, what matters most is the use of millions of users daily worldwide. If you want to enjoy the game with fun then download the William Hill Android app here, you will enjoy the game with millions of fans and execrations worldwide. Moreover, here we leave the top of the best free football applications to know the football news with Android mobile phones.

FIFA Official

We started with the official application of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, where we could know the full coverage of the biggest sporting event on the planet where Germany won; no matter where you are in Russia or Thailand, you can always have the results on your Android.

With this app, the users could have all the action that was developed in Brazil with the alerts of the parties of their favorite selections. They were able to follow the live encounters and share with their friends, players, coaches, and celebrities.

The users also became protagonists of the worldwide with their votes for the election of the Party Player of each of the 64 meetings. Also, the app allowed to share your opinions with the fans of the whole world during the meetings.

Among its features are the details of everything that happened in Brazil with detailed profiles of teams and players, as well as the prizes for which they competed, in addition to the usual breaking news, exclusive interviews, photos from around the world and attractive videos provided by FIFA, along with the live results of 197 leagues around the globe.


ESPN is another of the giants of the sports news that has jumped to the world of the mobile and with it you will have all the live results, breaking news, videos, analysis and personalized alerts of your favorite teams and the selections of the World Cup, wherever and whenever you want.

The ESPN app for Android also has the coverage of La Liga, MX League, Barclay Premier League, Serie A, MLS, Bundesliga, Argentina Primer Division, Colombia Postobon League, Ligue 1 and much more.

In addition to the leagues has the information of the main competitions: World Cup, UEFA Champions League and Europa League, Copa MX, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, CONCACAF Champions League, Copa Argentina, Copa del Rey, UEFA Euro 2016, FA Cup, Capital One Cup and more.

For US users. UU. There are data that are only possible in North America: a selection of featured videos for MLS, MX League, MX Cup and UEFA Europa League, as well as the last of the Tri and the selection of EE. UU.

Users in Latin America can enjoy a selection of highlights from UEFA Champions League and Europa League, Bundesliga, Serie A, MX League and MX Cup.

The app has custom markers and the latest live matches to keep you informed of goals, lineups, stats, positions, calendars, transfers, video summaries and more.

Score Hero

Score! Hero is not an app to know the results of football, but to become a player yourself with your Android. Score! includes official goals packs from AC Milan, Arsenal FC, SL Benfica, Liverpool FC, Juventus and Real Madrid CF

This app recreates over 900 goals worldwide, including regional leagues, European cups and international tournaments and includes support to play better with your Tablet. Score! Hero with its intuitive gameplay has a variety of challenges to challenge players: they can pass, cross and shoot using tactile controls that allow you to shoot through the squads. A defensive artificial intelligence will react to the shots and passes, making you feel that you are part of the action.

The graphics in the application combine with a retina system to create the most eye-catching experience you’ve ever seen. More than 500 animations guarantee high levels of authenticity, while sound and comments take you to the heart of the action.