The technology has shown significant advances that have helped make life easier for people. So much so that, for example, cell phones have thousands of functions for the user to do as little as possible.


Creation of circuits for audio, development of videogames, basic concepts of programming, among others, are the skills and knowledge acquired by those who specialize in computer engineering.

The demand for these specialists is increasing. According to the Information Technology Association of Chile (ACTI), by 2020 approximately 70,000 workers will be needed trained in programming.

However, there is a shortage of professionals in the technological area, since it is a career that encourages constant study of new technologies and languages.

computer engineers

The conclusions of a study in conjunction with the ACTI and AIEP Professional Institute highlight that the main disadvantage is the inexperience of the graduates at the time of entering the world of work.

But even so, there is a lack of experts in new technologies, above all in ICT issues and, therefore, this causes a significant future projection of work.

As a result of these results, the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics of the Catholic University of Chile held summer courses on technology in order to motivate children, from seventh grade to second grade, to study computer science or robotics.

How to assemble a robot piece by piece, technology applied to mining, prototyping and manufacturing, programming, among other topics were part of these free classes taught in the house of studies, for these students who knew unknown topics but, at the same time, which are of interest.