The manual gearboxes and automatic transmissions are an essential piece in vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, and did not seem to be part of the sector electric vehicles . However, it seems that the gearboxes could begin to be used in vehicles powered by electric batteries. Why?

Yes, EVs current generations do not use gearboxes, so maintaining these is something that does not worry. The question is that electric cars need to improve their efficiency to enter the tastes of a larger number of potential buyers. One aspect that would greatly help to increase efficiency are the gearboxes.

electric cars

It mentioned that there are some companies working on electric cars with gearboxes, but as a prototype is ready a German company and took the first step. It is  Schaeffler , who took a vehicle internal combustion and transformed it into electric coupling box two – speed automatic transmission.

The first advantage is that the driver does not notice the change gear and therefore can not make it to your taste, but the system takes care of it. With gearboxes in electric vehicles is to promote these always work at the lowest possible speed, improving by up to 6% the battery performance .

6% may not seem much but it is estimated that in a Ford Focus Electric with autonomy for 162 kilometers using a gearbox two relationships can squeeze 10 kilometers over the batteries. Do not you think 10 kilometers long? I do not think you wanted to walk them for help about running out of batteries. Visit for more news and reviews on Technology.