And some entries I made mention of the project makes the city end of the world, and just retake the project because apparently that of mobile cities it is becoming fashionable. This time, I’ll tell you about The Green Machine, a project to green the desert of the Sahara through a great walking city.

The project was proposed by Stephane Malka, who mentions that deserts have great potential to be converted into fertile land. The Green Machine is a platform on which a small self-sufficient city, where you could produce up to 20 million kilograms of grain each year is based.

The platform would move across the desert thanks to 16 large caterpillars, which further serve to mobilize such construction would also be designed to cultivate the land in their wake. The first line of caterpillars prepares the soil and the following lines inject water and natural fertilizers.

Green Machine
Image Source: Google image

As expected, the project makes use of alternative energies. 9 large solar panels would be used to produce 450 kilowatts of power and by a system of water, balloons would be obtained through condensation. The platform is a mixture of industrial facilities and green areas.

Of course, transform the desert into a green ecosystem is not easy, even if we counted with this titan; in fact, responsible for The Green Machine have said it would take a decade before seeing satisfactory results. At the moment, the ideas are only a conceptual project and have not been mentioned costs and construction time.