Engineers have a wide range of jobs that will benefit the world. To name one is to defend the nation against possible threats of war and other risky procurements. We need their technical expertise to deliver defence equipment and tools without affecting the taxpayer’s safety.

CEO Chris Walton has shared facts about why each country needs an engineer to be part of the defense force and how the government is currently dealing with a lot of money that has been wasted due to poor defence management.

The Importance Of Defence Engineers

The Dangers Of Cutting DMO Staff

Defence Material Organization or DMO is accountable for buying and selling defense equipment. The Australian National Audit Office has found out cost blowouts concerning the Air Warfare Destroyer project. It is over $300 million out of $8.45 billion as the budget to complete the project. This could impact DMO’s future thus privatization is a probable solution to continue operating.

As a result, the Australian Industry Group thinks about cutting staff from a total of 6,500 to 3,500. Just because DMO is struggling, it does not mean cutting them to get better.

Below are the disadvantages of not taking in defence engineers both in the public and private sectors:

Poor Quality Equipment

Engineering expertise is much needed for any infrastructure projects to ensure better quality. For instance, is the submarine maintenance in the Navy that has failed and even caused more expenses in the long run.

It could have been avoided when engineers are present to contribute more suitable materials, designs, and tools for the project. That may also result in minimal cost because of more durable vessels for use.

Increased Cost

There is a lot of financial pressure when it comes to defence management, especially when engineers are not involved. Instead of saving cash for future procurements, the money will go for repairs due to frequent damages. Like what happened to the Nimrod project that chose to work with only a junior staff who was not able to manage the project well. The result is, again, losing a lot of money.

Brings Potential Risks

DMO resources play a vital role to reassure safety in using defence equipment. A plane crash incident in Afghanistan which resulted in 14 casualties is an example of failure in defense management. This has left trauma in the industry for many years and is believed to be riskier in the future.

Lack of Private Bidders

There will be a shift from the public to the private sector in terms of bidding that may bring in interest conflicts. Private bidders are fewer than public bidders that allow government clients to take over. Such a quick fix is a good investment for the government giving the best value possible.

Why Engineers Should Be Involved To Defend A Nation?

Engineers are a huge help in the defence industry for the past years for the following reasons:


Their knowledge is necessary to innovate tools to guarantee the nation’s safety. It is always a misconception to cut defence engineers just to save cost initially. Such individuals can provide appropriate designs to finish infrastructure projects with the best quality.

Defence contractors can also identify poor designs ahead of time to prevent further damages and even casualties. It won’t leave a lot of conflicts compared to working without engineering knowledge.

Improves Efficiency

According to studies, 20% of wasted money is a result of poor defence management. For instance, the government may waste over $6 billion per year if no action is taken. This is so alarming especially for taxpayers around the world.

However, with the help of defence engineers, that amount shall be reduced and that will benefit the whole nation. Projects can be completed shortly at cost-effective spending.

Offers High-Quality Defence Equipment

A lot of government projects could be better with the help of professionals. They know where to find high-quality materials that you may need to invest in. Protecting a nation will demand the use of many defence tools for air, land, and water. And an engineering service can help in innovating such equipment with great precision for your needs.

Best-Recommended Defence Maintenance Support

Looking for defence equipment engineers is the first step to maintain any government procurements. These people are fully equipped to supply a wide range of robust defense tools for various applications. Using heavy-duty materials will guarantee high-quality equipment that you can rely on in the case of protecting a nation.

With many years of experience in performing engineering projects, they have become the leading supplier of equipment in the defence industry. Many nearby countries had put their trust in the company for so many years. That is why we recommend working with such defence maintenance support who can meet your needs.


Upon seeing the results when neglecting engineer works for the defence industry, it is true that without them the project won’t be successful enough. There are a lot of risks and expenses which could be encountered without engineering knowledge. It will also lead to wasting billions of money in the long run that has already happened in the past.


Therefore, working with engineers to defend a nation is vital, not only for extra protection but also as cost-effective action. Let this be a wake-up call for everyone, both the public and private sector to give importance to the technical expertise of engineers.