The computer industry is usually described as “growing at the same rate as the market for pet food” (hardware and software). One of the reasons technology markets are growing so fast these days is that there are now many translation agencies. Each year more people buy technology devices, and each year they are used to do more interesting things.

most used in technology

The languages most used in technology

English has become the lingua franca of technology. Some of you who have already completed translation jobs from English into other languages will know why we talk about this. But for those, who still haven’t started working with software localization or have just finished one project, it would be useful to get acquainted with some specifics of a common international language.

Like any other language, English has its grammar and spelling rules, but what distinguishes this language from others is rather a simple syntax. According to linguists, there have been no changes in the syntax of English for 500 years! Of course, America’s former President Reagan had quite a big impact on technology by simply adapting his words to the old form of English.

The syntax of English makes this language rather simple and understandable to foreigners. That’s why so many people are using it all over the world. The vast number of dialects is also important in the sphere of computer technology where we work with such different people from all over the world as Brazilians, Germans, Frenchmen‚Ķ

English is not a difficult language to learn

I have seen here in China that you don’t even need to speak good English to get a job, especially with Chinese companies interested in foreign languages and technology. So if you are considering starting your own business by becoming a freelancer or simply want to earn more money on the side, using a language that is easy to learn and widely spoken by millions of people around the world can be something you might want to keep in mind.

Website translation

When we talk about using English in technology, most of you will probably think about website translation. After all, the Internet is full of many web pages that need to be translated by professional translators like the translation company uk from different languages into English.

The fact that so many people use English while surfing on the Net means that many of them are not native English speakers. This is an important and interesting fact because it’s really easy to get information or purchase something online without having any knowledge of the English language. I will certainly tell you more about this in my future articles.

English as a business language

It is well known that English has become the de facto official international business language. You can hear it in negotiations, presentations and sales conferences every day. Many people think that being polite, we have to use the official language even if we don’t know it very well.

The fact is that using English as a business language considerably reduces costs associated with the translation of documents and makes communication much easier for people from different countries. But what is more important, using this language helps achieve one of the main goals in business – cutting expenses.


English is the language most used in most technologic devices.¬† That’s why if you are ready to expand your customer base and enlarge your search engine presence, using it can be a great idea. So, when talking about computers and systems, the main language is undoubtedly English. But as in any sphere of technology, new things are coming up every day, so we’ll see what will happen in the future.