Titanium is seen in our everyday lives in nearly everything we do. This strong metal, typically manufactured as an alloy with another element, can be traced from healthcare to sports to space travel. Here are a few areas where titanium is used.

In the Air and On the Sea

The hull and the engine of airplanes and spacecraft are manufactured with alloys of this metal such as 6al 4v titanium. The durability of this metal will help these components hold up when it comes to the impact of a landing or if it hits minor debris while in the sky. It is also used on boats to keep water from leaking into the vessel and damaging the interior.

Used For Parts

You can find titanium in multiple places in medicine, especially in joint replacement. Making prothesises out of this metal means they will last longer and be more durable. Since the replacement joint will last longer, it will be less likely that the patient will have to endure the procedure more than once. You can also find it in other medical items such as pacemakers, dental implants and plates implanted into the body. Equipment such as crutches and surgical tools are made of this metal alloy also.

Striking Out

This metal is often found in the manufacturing of sporting goods such as golf clubs and baseball bats. It holds up under the constant assault of the ball against it yet is lighter and more aerodynamic. The athlete can perform better if their equipment is more efficient.

Looking Beautiful

Titanium jewelry is ideal for someone who constantly works with their hands. It is strong and scratch resistant, staying true to its form while looking lovely. This alloy is also used in statues and monuments since it is lightweight and easy to manipulate yet holds up well under extreme weather and other elements.