New business owners are used to mastering new skills every day and combining all the roles in their fledgling business. They could be the SEO expert in the morning and the building maintenance expert in the afternoon; however, the business will eventually grow to a size where this is simply no longer sustainable, but you may still be a long way off employing your own team to do the job for you. Here are the signs that you may need an SEO agency.

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You no longer have the time to do it yourself

Many startups handle their online marketing themselves. Most entrepreneurs have at least a basic knowledge of SEO and there is plenty of free advice available.

The process can be time-consuming and eventually it will become clear that you are spreading yourself too thin. Perhaps other areas of your business are suffering, or perhaps you have stopped taking time out to recharge your batteries.

When you call in professional SEO services in London, such as, you can leave your SEO strategy to them and focus on the parts of the business where you can make the biggest difference.

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You are confused by social media

According to Adam McCloskey, associate director at Florida SBDC at UWF (part of the Florida SBDC Network), the main aim of social media is to trigger interaction. A post with a lot of interaction gets shown to a lot of people.

Social media is an integral part of your on-line marketing strategy. The main objective is to build up a social media following of individuals who will want to buy your products. A good SEO agency will be able to dovetail your social media presence with your SEO strategy.

You are spending a fortune on on-line advertising

You may have already discovered the power of pay-per-click campaigns, such as AdWords, for boosting traffic and sales. You will also have noticed that there can be a high price tag associated with this method of getting traffic to your website. PPC campaigns will not work for ever and need a lot of monitoring to make the most of them.

An effective SEO strategy can be a better long-term investment. Once you get the formula right, it takes on a momentum of its own.