You decided to study at the Faculty of Engineering, you chose your career and now you are about to start a new path in your life. But you came across myths and legends about Engineering: that it is very difficult, it will take time, etc. Don’t worry, follow these tips and be happy as an Engineering student, a world of happiness and new goals.

Get organized: University life, not just Engineering, consumes several hours a day. The organization is key: study what you have learned little by little (30 minutes a day), keep an agenda, use applications on your cell phone to help you with calendars, attend class.

Look for applications of everything you learn: It is very boring to learn formulas and knowledge in all classes. But engineering careers are very practical, so you can use your acquired skills and knowledge to experiment and create things.

Study what you like: Within the Faculty of Engineering, there are many careers to choose from. Make sure you choose the one that goes according to what you want in the future and that fits your qualities.

Group of friends: Let your group of friends be your workgroup. This will help you have fun with your run.

Be proud: Those who enter Engineering have a very good future. The races are in demand and are very well paid. Also, students are considered very smart.

Pay attention to your teachers: Teachers are tough and sometimes you have a hard time understanding them. Engineering is a practical career with already established concepts, so you have to follow them.

Do not neglect the letters or the languages: Yours have always been numbers and ingenuity, but that does not mean that you will be a bad editor and you will only speak Spanish. Reading and writing correctly, in addition to mastering more than one language, are things that serve you either as an engineer, an accountant, or a philosopher.

Self-assured: Being an engineering student is not being socially boring; instead, you will have many interesting topics to talk about.

Meet your goals: The future when you graduate and develop in your job is immensely promising. As a student, you will experience many difficult things to overcome, but nothing that has no solution.

Maintain your good habits: Numbers and endless practices at home will take time away from you. But with good and healthy eating habits your body will be prepared for anything.