Some may see link building as a dying art or one that has been tainted by too many instances of black hat exploitation. Nevertheless, it remains a useful weapon in the SEO arsenal and one that can be harnessed effectively if it is properly understood.

Understanding link building

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What is link building, and how do the different techniques available change the way a site performs on search engine results pages?

Natural Beginnings

When your site is linked to from elsewhere without any involvement on your part, this is seen as natural backlinking and can be incredibly helpful as long as the third-party site or service is reputable and authoritative.

The problems arise when the links come from poor-quality sites or even ones that promote a generally spammy approach to page creation. Since you cannot control these links, you may need to request for links to be no-followed or removed altogether to prevent them adversely impacting your search rank.

In-House Creations

Creating backlinks on third-party sites yourself is a possible tactic, although it’s one that prioritises short-term gains over long-term viability because it is often seen as an unhelpful, spam-like way to spread the word about your site.

Understanding link building2

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The main issue tends to be relevance. Unless you can ensure that the site on which you are placing your links will attract visitors who would also be entirely interested in what your page has to offer, it is best to take an alternativee path. Working with experts like Dublin SEO agency will enable you to avoid potentially problematic linking strategies.

Direct Engagement

Link building can be carried out by getting in touch with third-party webmasters and requesting that they place content on their site that includes a link back to a landing page you have created. For this, you will need high-quality, unique and relevant content to offer in return to get the relationship off on a good footing.

Getting this right takes time as you need to make sure that the sites you target have a good base level in terms of content quality to begin with, or else Google will penalise you as part of its fight against link building.

In general, it is best to let your site speak for itself and accrue backlinks naturally because people want to share the content without expecting anything in return.