It was only a matter of time before the first wireless electric motor made its appearance. While technology is beginning its development, it is certain that sooner than we think could be implemented in commercial vehicles. Just think what the auto companies would save with regard to cables, and sure thing profitable.

The development was conducted by researchers at the University Of Tokyo, led by Hiroshi Fujimoto, associate professor specialized in control of electric vehicles. Basically power to the wheel is transmitted by two electrical coils, one transmitter, and one receiver, which have a spacing of 10 cm.

wireless electric motor We have wireless electric motor2

For the test vehicle, the electric motor is located on the shaft near the wheel. This is a key point in development, because as the engine does not occupy space in the front and rear of the vehicle, it is possible to use these spaces to put more batteries, and increase vehicle, range.

Many, including myself, included, 10 centimeters may not seem like much, but talking about terms of mass production, undoubtedly represent great savings by way of wires. If maybe later you can extend the distance of electricity transmission. At the moment, this is an interesting development and with a great future.