Are you curious to find out who he is and what does a mechanical engineer do?

In this guide we will explain to you what the work of a mechanical engineer is and we will give you valuable advice to successfully undertake this profession.

Becoming a mechanical engineer requires a lot of passion, study and dedication: in addition to obtaining a degree, in fact, the work of an engineer provides continuous updating and a lot of experience in the field.

To discover the skills of the mechanical engineer and the tasks he has to perform, read our guide: here is all you need to know about this fascinating profession.

Identikit of the mechanical engineer

From the mechanical engineer’s work to the course of study, here is a series of useful information to undertake this profession.

Who is the mechanical engineer?

If you do not know how to become a mechanical engineer but this world fascinates you, we begin to get to the heart of our guide by answering a simple question: who is the mechanical engineer and what does they do?

The mechanical engineer is a professional who applies the principles of physics and materials science to design, manage and maintain mechanical systems.

This profession, a direct consequence of the studies in mechanical engineering, allows to get in touch with a strongly dynamic and multidisciplinary environment.

More generally, we can define mechanical engineering as the discipline that studies and connects three elements: motion, energy and force. Mechanical engineers, on the other hand, try to control these elements by exploiting a mix of material, human and economic resources to develop mechanical solutions that meet the needs and desires of society.

Mechanical Engineer

Activities and responsibilities

Now let’s see what a mechanical engineer does, talking about his main responsibilities. The first thing to say is that mechanical engineering is a very wide discipline: for this, the tasks of a mechanical engineer can vary according to the contexts in which we find ourselves.

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Among the most common tasks of the mechanical engineer, we can mention:

  • Feasibility and performance surveys on mechanisms, components and systems;
  • Design and manufacture of specific machinery for the production of energy (electric generators, internal combustion engines and steam and gas turbines), electric machines (such as refrigerators and air conditioning systems) and other machinery, components, tools, fixtures and equipment;
  • Planning and management of projects tout court, from inspections to the compilation of documents, from setting up to monitoring of components;
  • Mechanical design and analysis for industrial plants;
  • Management of operations of extended systems such as production plants or power plants;
  • Supervision, monitoring and control of the legislative obligations to be fulfilled in a project.

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Mechanical engineer: How much they earns

Speaking of mechanical engineer salary, the industry data are rather reassuring: according to surveys, mechanical engineers are among the first to graduate and among the first to find employment, in relation to other branches of engineering.

The average salary is quite high and stands at around $1,700 per month.

Skills mechanical engineer

Now that we have seen what a mechanical engineer does, let’s see what are the main skills he must have in order to practice profession at best:

  • Creative skills, useful for developing and designing complex pieces;
  • Relational skills and soft skills such as leadership, flexibility, ability to work in teams and communication skills;
  • Strong mechanical and mathematical skills, acquired thanks to the Degree Course;
  • Analytical skills and critical thinking;
  • Organizational skills and time and resources management skills.