The unstoppable advance of new technologies means that the demand for specialized professionals in these areas does not stop growing. Therefore, studying a computer degree is a safe commitment to employment. However, what does a computer engineer do after obtaining degree?

Broadly speaking, they are involved in tasks such as data analysis, creation and administration of all phases of a computer project, data exploitation and information processing, or videogame development. Its role in the most emerging and innovative technologies is also essential, such as Artificial Intelligence or CIO Computing.

Therefore, the profile of students responds to people who show a special interest in engineering, and in particular for the different technological fields related to IT.

The current trend shows that the commitment to study engineering is a guarantee of employment all over the world. In addition, as it is a degree that has a wide variety of professional opportunities, it makes it very attractive for young people of new generations who are looking for emerging and future labor markets.

computer engineer

Professional opportunities of computer engineers

Depending on the area in which the student specializes, he may perform one or other functions. The most general are …

  • Web programmer
  • Technology consultant
  • Computer Systems Designer
  • Responsible for security environments
  • System and network administrator
  • IT Systems Analyst
  • Creator of videogames and applications
  • Mobile application creator
  • SEO Specialist
  • IT Project Manager
  • Quality processes
  • Software Architect Designer
  • Teacher

To this we must add that emerging technologies are increasingly demanded by companies: IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Cloud Computing, among others. These infrastructures are already part of the day-to-day business management, and are especially attractive for professionals who have obtained a degree in Computer Engineering.

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Trends of 2019 in the demand for professional computer scientists

The demand for professionals for web development positions (web development) has skyrocketed since last year. In fact, according to the Tech Cities study of Experis IT, which annually establishes a ranking of the most demanded technological knowledge in the sector, the most demanded profiles during 2018 were data analyst, data scientist, mobile and SAP.

This study concludes that one of the best considered positions is DevOps, a new professional profile that plays a leading role in the era of digital transformation in which all companies are immersed, regardless of their size or business focus.

This new role acts as a bridge between software developers and systems architects and, together with SAP professionals and cybersecurity experts, they are currently the highest paid computer scientists in the technological landscape.

Beyond this function, the versatility of computer engineers makes them highly sought after talents by organizations, since their technical profile makes them trained professionals to work in any infrastructure, platform or operating system.

The trend that will mark the technological market during this 2019 will be defined by the continuity of projects related to digital transformation, advancement of Cloud Computing, advanced analytics, IT security and mobility environments.