The automotive industry is one of the best-known labor camps to which a mechanical engineer can devote. But he’s not the only one. Know your broad radius of action!

After graduation, or even a few months before graduating from college, all students are faced with the question of where they will pursue their career. Luckily, for those who study Mechanical Engineering, their field of work is quite broad and diverse.

In fact, these professionals can influence almost any industry in the global market, directly or indirectly, and that is one of the reasons why in addition to having a wide field of action, mechanical engineers usually have very good remuneration.

Of course, the most advisable thing is that if you study this career you try to identify which areas are more related to you so that you can specialize and have greater chances of achieving success and you can boost your professional growth. If you still have not convinced yourself if Mechanical Engineering is the ideal career for you, today we will talk about six places where you can practice this university degree.

Assembly and production in the automotive industry

One of the most popular reasons why many engineers decide to study the branch focused on Mechanics is because of the taste for automobiles.

When studying Mechanical Engineering you can be part of each of the stages through which a car passes during its manufacture, you can influence aspects of quality and functionality, but above all you will be able to innovate improvements and detect problems and their respective solutions. This also includes from the design of all its parts to the assembly.

Keep in mind that the above means that you will have the opportunity to be part of technological advances and you can become an expert in one of the most prolific industries in the market. In fact, the possibilities in this industry are endless, since you can understand the operation of all types of vehicles and use your knowledge to perform in all areas involved in its production.

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacture of household appliances

Although the automotive industry relies on a constant support of graduates in the Mechanical Engineering career, the production of household appliances also has a large labor market in which these professionals can develop. In fact, most of the machines that are used every day in homes (such as refrigerators, washing machines, coffee makers, blenders, and in general all equipment that requires electricity or gas, and even some that no) are the product of the effort of many engineers who use their knowledge and skills to develop and launch them to the market.

Of course, you should know that behind the manufacture of these items as well as computers, food products, cell phones, among many other things, there are huge mass production lines that you can be part of working to make them work properly, optimizing and searching ways to innovate through technology.

Bio-mechanical technological development

Mechanical Engineering gives you the opportunity to transform people’s lives in ways you may never have imagined, since by connecting with other sciences such as Biomechanics you can help those around you to improve their quality of life.

This branch is a set of techniques and knowledge derived from physics whose main focus is to study the effects of mechanical forces on the organic systems of living beings and their structures. With this, the professionals of this university career are able to predict changes and propose methods of artificial intervention.

One of the main contributions of this university degree to society has been the steel lung, which was the first artificial respiration device that saved the lives of many polio patients. In this sense, if you study this career you can collaborate in the development of implants and artificial organs. This will undoubtedly give you multiple possibilities within your professional practice, since it is a branch of the industry that is growing and is receiving a lot of attention.

Organisms that generate and take advantage of mechanical energy

Another one of the great fields of action of all mechanical engineer is the one of the generation of energy. If we take into account that this force is needed by all people since we are born to carry out our daily activities, you will know that there is much to be done in this area. In fact, professionals in Mechanical Engineering have the tools to obtain energy through renewable natural sources such as the sun, air and water and, with this, the pollution that traditional processes tend to cause is greatly diminished.

Also, there are other methods such as pulleys, simple traction systems through which you can move or lift heavy things that, in turn, can be coupled to electric motors and transmit the necessary force to generate energy. Having said all this, you can collaborate with companies dedicated to these processes and innovate in this industry.

Project planning and supervision

Each stage of the production of goods and services has specialists who use their knowledge to make all the necessary processes in the industry perform efficiently, quickly and efficiently. At the end of the day, there are many companies that a client can choose, and the quality of them defines how successful a project can be.

However, it is also necessary that there are people who dedicate themselves in a specialized way to plan all these processes and make sure that all of them are carried out in a coordinated way to achieve the common objectives.

For this reason, one of the most important positions that a graduate of Mechanical Engineering can have is that of a project leader or supervisor, since it depends on these people that the result of the efforts of the company in which they work has the quality and the effectiveness that customers need and demand.


It is increasingly common that the dream of graduates of Mechanical Engineering, as well as many other careers, is to start a business or an own company in which the knowledge and skills that are obtained during many years of study are used.

In the specific case of this career, the study plans include a large number of tools for you to develop your own products, since this discipline focuses entirely on the use of diverse materials for the manufacture of machinery or mechanisms that facilitate tasks, or the manufacture of products for public use.

This not only gives you the opportunity to make your own creations, but also allows you to have greater flexibility of hours and financial independence.

You do not have to limit yourself to just one option

Only the experience can really tell you which of the areas of Mechanical Engineering is the best for you , so try to take advantage of all the options and alternatives that are presented to you, eventually you will discover which one you like the most or which is where you do better

Keep in mind that Mechanical Engineering is a very complete career that prepares you to work in any automotive mechanical engineering project, having an even more complete vision than if you study only the automotive sector. Remember that the most important thing is that you identify what you are most passionate about and that you set goals so that you can build a bright professional future.

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