Since its creation, Facebook has been through four significant redesigns. FB5 is the latest design, and it would not be an overstatement to say that it is the most radical to date. Also known as The New Facebook, this incarnation of the social networking giant marks a clear shift in the way the platform looks and functions on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Facebook needed a dramatic redesign to keep up with the pace of contemporary digital spaces and the expectations of its users. A CNET article confirms that The New Facebook is currently rolling out to mobile users, and it has been confirmed that the update will be offered more broadly to desktop users by Spring 2020.

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To ensure that you can navigate the new design with ease, here’s what you can expect.

A white design

On a visual level, this new design is immediately striking. The mostly-white aesthetic is bright, clean and contemporary, and it is carried throughout both the desktop and mobile apps. For users who aren’t convinced by the white design, Facebook has opted to offer dark mode capabilities. We’ve already seen dark mode designs being adopted by Twitter and Instagram, so although this won’t come as much of a surprise, it will certainly be a function that is welcomed by many.

The new news feed

Facebook plans to disrupt the ways in which we obtain our content from the platform in the future. It believes that family and friends should form the centre of our social lives, which essentially means that your groups will be prioritised in your news feed. You will also find it easier to find and join groups that interest you, and those updates might even end up replacing your existing News Feed by default.

Additional features

Professionals specialising in web design in Yorkshire, including the team that can be found at recognise that feature-rich sites that have been specifically designed to enhance the journey of their unique audience will out-perform those that aren’t offering the same personalised, high-quality experiences throughout 2020 and beyond.

Facebook knows this, too, so Facebook Live will benefit from improvements to its interaction capabilities, Gaming Groups will be able to use the Chat feature, and those who use the platform for buying and selling purposes will be met with much more streamlined and intuitive transactional experiences.