There are several reasons to opting for customized software development that can represent a key investment in terms of dynamism and efficiency of a company’s information systems. The development of a customized software provides the company with a tool designed specifically for its activities, as opposed to the classic package software, to which the company has to adapt.

When the complexity of internal processes meets the complexity of a market increasingly aimed at customization, choosing to invest in custom software can prove to be the winning way to improve efficiency and to create a relationship of trust with a professional software development company able to accompany you from development to maintenance of the application.

custom software development

In developing custom software, the Innuy developer team follows customer requests step by step to ensure that the software reflects the true needs of the company.

The benefits of custom software development

Custom software development offers several advantages over standardized packages. First, more flexibility and greater efficiency: the software features are developed according to the needs of the business and can be changed quickly. A tailor-made solution allows you to identify and program a high-performance application that helps the company to optimize its processes, become more efficient, and finally save.

Since this is proprietary software, the risks regarding data security are also minimized: only the company and the supplier development team are able to access the information and it is also possible to intervene on the source code.

Often package software does not meet all the needs of companies: each reality is in fact unique and for this reason, investing in a customized software development contract allows us to develop the perfect solution.

It is undeniable that the budget necessary for the development of custom software is higher than for package solutions: this is why it is a solution implemented above all by medium and large companies with a higher spending potential. However, it should be emphasized that with customized development the license costs of package software are avoided: a fixed cost that cannot be amortized over time.

Another aspect to consider is the software delivery times: developing a customized application takes time, usually a few months, but it depends on the complexity of the functions that are implemented.

The result, however, is qualitatively superior precisely because it was created ad hoc, and the customized software, helping to make internal processes more efficient, helps to reduce costs in the long term.