The possibilities of employment for graduates in mechanical engineering are many, this is because mechanical engineers find their place in almost all areas of technology. Every company in every sector now has modern mechanical systems, from the leanest and most accurate to the most powerful and resistant, which are used to perform operations with high performance in terms of power and / or with increasingly high accuracy and precision characteristics.

mechanical engineering

What do companies expect from a graduate in mechanical engineering?

Companies, from SMEs to large multinational companies, are looking for the figure of the mechanical engineer to cover one of the following positions …

Design Engineer: Deals with the modeling and executive design of machinery and production plants (or their components).

Purchasing clerk: Interacts with the Sales sector in the context of negotiations with customers.

Responsible for the Production and Management of Industrial and Mechanical Plants

Research and Development Engineer: performs experimentation on components or systems; uses conventional measuring instruments; employs mechanical simulation methods; defines the protocols and follows the testing operations.

Operator in the field of fluid machines and energy propulsion and conversion systems

Responsible for functional design: Works in the field of industrial automation and robotics

The soft skills required to carry out these professions are certainly excellent analytical skills, result orientation, team working and organizational skills. Fundamentals are then in mathematical and mechanical ability : the ability to make use of the principles of calculation; trigonometry and other advanced mathematics topics for analysis; design and resolution of problems and ability to apply basic engineering concepts and mechanical processes in designing new devices.

As far as technical skills are concerned, obviously an excellent knowledge of the Office Package and the English language is required, as well as the knowledge of CAD software such as Autodesk Inventor and Autocad.

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mechanical engineering

During the interview

Mainly, the questions the recruiter asks to those who are entering the world of work are directed to test soft skills and if the candidate reflects the corporate culture.

In general there are four rules to pay attention to during the interview. These rules follow the 4 questions that the recruiter has in mind while asking the questions …

How can you help me to earn (or save) money?

The interview serves to make HR understand if you can earn or save money. As a result, everything you say will have to somehow answer this basic question. Your every answer will have to highlight your strengths and the valuable contribution you can bring to the company.

Can you do the job?

Aiming only on technical skills can work but up to a certain point. What everyone seeks are people who are awake, humble and willing to learn. Emphasize your hard skills without forgetting that technical skills can always be learned, while soft skills are “innate”. If they are looking for someone to join a team, for example, show your spirit of collaboration and tell us what your personal contribution was in a group university project.

Do you want to do the job?

It proves not only to know the company, its history, its products / services, but also to have enthusiasm for that specific role you have applied for. Explain why it is precisely the job you want and that, for this, you will put all your effort to do it to the fullest.

Will you do the job?

Once you have established that you have all the hard and soft skills, the recruiter will ask if you will be able to achieve the goals despite the difficulties. To demonstrate that you are prepared to answer questions such as “tell me about your failure and how you reacted”, “tell me how you have dealt with the difficulties presented to you”, bearing in mind that the answers must be contextualized to an area work (therefore, do not go into personal dramas).