A couple of years ago, in 2013 to be exact, a team of researchers at Oxford University conducted an interesting study, which aimed to determine the likelihood that your work what could make a machine , at least in the next two decades ; ie determine the possibility that a machine will let you unemployed.

The research team was composed of experts in the field of computer science , and conducted a comprehensive work analyzing 702 professions and occupations. No While the study already have a couple of years, he has returned to the headlines thanks to National Public Radio , who created a simple interface so that anyone could access the results of the investigation.

You can replace a machine
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That if you have to understand English because the interface is only in that language. Out of this it is very simple, just select the best options for two submenus. The first is to select the general area in which it works, and the second is to select a job, profession or specific job.And presto, you will see the probability that a machine will replace in the next 20 years.

However, the results for us engineers are encouraging. The odds of a machine away our jobs are minimal, considering that a lot of jobs going very high percentages. Thus we have for engineers: oil (15.7%), electrical (10.2%), nuclear (7.0%), biomedical (3.7%), civil (1.9%), aerospace and chemicals (1.7%) and mechanics (1.1%).