Bugs and other pests are often attracted to drains. Our waste is another creature’s food and home, so it is little wonder that so many creatures have found that drains are the perfect environment. The problem is, many of the creatures that live in the drains can spread disease and if they come into the home, they can quickly cause an infestation and other damage to the home.

Creatures that can be found in the drains and cause problems include drain flies, fruit flies, rats and cockroaches. Sometimes, breakages and problems within the drain can cause these creatures to come into our homes, and if you suspect problems with your drains, you should call a professional like this drain jetting company https://www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-jetting as soon as possible to come and deal with it.

However, there are things that you can do yourself to proactively care for your drains and reduce the risk of pests getting into your home. Here are some of the things that you can do…

Check for Signs of Pests – Being aware of the signs to look out for and checking them regularly is important. Rats and mice tend to leave droppings and you might even hear them scuttling around at night. Bugs themselves you might see, or in the case of cockroaches look out for shed skin.

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Reduce the Moisture – Lots of the bugs that live in and around the drains are attracted to moisture, so reducing the moisture in a room can help to prevent bugs from coming in, as well as reducing damp and mould. Using an extractor fan or a dehumidifier in the room can help to reduce the build up of moisture in there.

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Don’t Put Food Down the Drains – One of the biggest things that attracts pests is putting food down the drain. When you are clearing plates, make sure that all of the food debris goes into the food waste bin, as putting it down the plughole, even in small amounts, causes blockages as well as attracting pests.

Deal with Drain Blockages – If you notice that you have signs of a blocked drain, such as a bad smell in the drain or water that is taking a long time to go down the plug hole, deal with it quickly.