Medicine and technology come together to use 3D printing in order to give us a better quality of life. More information below.

One of the sectors where technology is constantly helping make new achievements and surprise the world is health.

It’s when 3D printers are no longer child ‘s play when we get serious and we see a printed first vertebra, in the same way, is inserted in a historic surgery. Yes, we are living something historic at this time.

Ralph Mobbs, a neurosurgeon at Hospital Prince of Wales in Sydney, Australia, had a patient suffering from cancer; this disease was located at the top of his neck, he could remain motionless because both your brain and spinal cord were committed.


It is usual to want to replace a bone needed another from the same patient, but in this case, not only that was the problem but the area was very difficult to work as the doctor said. After thinking about the situation he decided he could generate implants through a 3D printer, believed in the technology because of its accuracy and used. In the bottom of this article you can find a video of this novelty solution being implemented. The authors of the 3D printed vertebrae are so proud of their achievement they even promoted the video with The Marketing Heaven for the world to see.

The development of this 3D implant was developed by the firm Anatomy, but not only the company created the titanium implant but also created models of patient autonomy that would help the doctor to practice before performing the operation.

The operation lasted 15 hours and was a success, we know that is already recovering patient and Dr. Mobbs assured us that this is the first surgery for a vertebra.

Video of the first printed implant surgery vertebrae in 3D