Thinking of pursuing an Architecture Master in Europe? In this post, we give you the keys to make the right choice. Suppose you have recently finished your architecture degree. In that case, it is very likely that among the options you are considering, one is to complete your training through a Master’s degree related to architecture.

It is also possible that your goal is to update yourself after several years of practicing as an architect. In any case, investing in training is always a profitable decision. But, which master to choose? Does it have to be related to architecture necessarily? Do I get carried away by my tastes or career opportunities?

Choosing a Architecture Master in Europe

When doing an Architecture Master in Europe, we must take into account some keys so that the choice is as appropriate as possible to our profile. Here are some of them:

Steps to choose an Architecture Master in Europe

1. What do you like the most?

This point is the most important. When you choose a master’s degree, do it thinking that your possible future job will be closely related to the subject of the master, since you will offer a specialized profile on that subject and you will probably be hired for it.

Therefore, make sure that the field the master deals with excites you and fills you. In this way, you will have a better chance of ending up working than you like.

It does not have to be directly related to architecture. You can also consider the option of choosing business training, graphic arts, and new technologies.

Perhaps you are already working in a specific field and are clear about what you want to specialize in. If so, you already have a lot of won in the process of choosing a Master’s.

2. What job opportunities do you have?

Undoubtedly one of your biggest concerns when choosing the master’s degree will be whether it will become the key to a future job.

This is not always the case, far from it, it will depend on the professional opportunities in that sector and on the capacity of the company or university that organizes the master’s degree to facilitate the employability of its students once it is finished if they ensure professional internships, the better.

A good bet for someone with architect training is to train in new technologies such as BIM, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0, 3D printing,

However, there are related disciplines that have always existed that will continue to be needed in the future. For example, interior design, structures, occupational risk prevention, rehabilitation, business management.

3. In-person or online mode?

Choose the modality that best suits your needs. In the event that the master is face-to-face, evaluate if you will have to invest a lot of money and time in the trips and if it is online, find out well about the teacher-student monitoring system and study which is the best for you.

The ease of online training to adapt it to your own schedule makes it especially interesting.

4. What price am I willing to pay?

Master’s degrees are usually specialized training and their duration usually oscillates between one or two years. Therefore their price is also usually high, normally from 2,000 euros onwards.

Normally it depends on the prestige of the master’s degree. It is best to compare the prices of similar offers to decide correctly.

You also have the possibility of availing yourself of a financing program. Many universities and training centers offer discounts and scholarships.

5. International or national

Taking a Master’s degree in a foreign university is always a plus compared to doing it in the national territory, not because they are better, but because it adds value to your professional profile.

However, normally the prices also tend to increase. If you can afford it or get a scholarship for it, it is a very good option.

6. Where do I look for master’s degrees?

Even being the last, this point is one of the most important, you should spend enough time looking for the offer that best suits your profile. Once you know what you want, how you want it and where you want it, you should make a prospecting.