The leader of a team is like a captain of a ship. The success or failure of the team depends on the effectiveness and competence of its way of being a leader. When you have the chance to lead a team, how do you make sure you do a good job? You can follow these 7 simple and very useful tips to use in your daily life, both personal and professional, to improve your leadership qualities.

1. Self-analysis

It is very important to make a self-analysis and a balance sheet of your strengths and weaknesses to activate your leadership roles efficiently. If you are good at managing numbers, you can train your team to better understand what it is and to deduce the strengths of each of your group members. If you don’t have the ability to listen or manage people, you can work on it knowingly to make sure you create a comfortable atmosphere in which your team can work smoothly.

2. Set smart goals

If you want to improve your leadership skills, you need to set SMART goals for your team members. The term SMART is specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and limited in time. In this way, you assign reasonable goals to your team and give them a significant amount of time to complete them. Your team will respect you for not having over-pressurized them and will give them goals that are in line with their abilities.

3. Constant guidance throughout the process

A good leader is not one who organizes a meeting, assigns tasks and pressurizes his team about delivery dates. During the project, your team may encounter many challenges and problems to complete the assigned task within the set deadlines. This is where you have to be ready because you should be there for them and guide them to successfully fight the challenges they will encounter along the way. You should make sure that they can use you whenever they want to get the support you need in case of problems.

4. Give the freedom to work for your team

Leadership does not just mean your growth; you are considered an excellent leader if you are able to guide and grow even your team members. How can you do it? Giving them the freedom to work and allowing them to explore their personal creativity to the maximum extent possible, of course! Encourage them to come up with innovative ideas and also take on the responsibility to do their job well.

5. Take responsibility

While making your team members responsible for their individual activities, you should also take responsibility for the overall project. You should never give up supporting your team by putting your senior management, customers and other stakeholders in front of you.

6. Help your team to continue

As a leader, you will face many challenges in your project. It is natural that your team feels depressed and unmotivated when things are not going, as they should. To improve your qualities of leadership, one of the first things you should do is motivate your team and keep them as positive and safe as possible. When you are confident, this will certainly help them to move forward because they will work better with a high morale.

7. Be a good listener

You should always be available for your team. This is the mark of a good leader. Your team should feel safe and comfortable enough to contact you if problems arise. You should never be too busy to listen to them and you should find practical and lasting solutions to solve their problems, always and at all times.