Britons are as excited about their cell phones as anyone else. They gobbled up models like the iPhone 7 32GB mere hours after they were released. Millions of individuals use those phones several hours per day to listen to music, watch videos, and even run their businesses. But like all other electronics, these phones eventually became obsolete. Newer models are introduced with faster speeds and larger memories.Many individuals are unsure of what to do after their electronics grow old and are no longer used. Like many other unused parts of an individual’s life, the best option is recycling. Recycling old electronics including the iPhone 7 32GB may lead an individual to help both the world and themselves in a short period of time.

Saving the environment

Recycling old phones helps to save the environment in numerous ways. This process helps to keep old phones out of landfills. It prevents the phone batteries from busting and leeching dangerous chemicals into the landscape. Heavy metals that comprise many of the components in a phone can easily harm wildlife and poison soil. Individuals also have to be aware of the other plastic and metal components in every cell phone. The plastic in cell phones does not decay for thousands of years. This durability means that parts in phones can wash up on the shores of Britain and cause problems for children and wildlife. Recycling helps companies reuse certain parts of phones and dispose of the rest properly. Disposing of electronic components properly keeps them out of the environment and out of the digestive tracts of animals.

Bringing in money

There is a financial component involved for companies that are looking to recycle cell phones. Recycling old phones can sometimes bring in several pounds per phone for an individual looking to get rid of them. This amount is paid based off of the materials inside of the phone and the type of the phone being considered. It is not always contingent on whether the phone works or not. Some companies pay more for phones that work properly while others do not.

In total, an individual might make a considerable amount of money for recycling several recent phones. Money from recycling is often the most that an individual may receive for their old phone. Old phones that do not work are almost impossible to resell on the internet or to another individual. Even when a phone could be resold, the phone often has to be listed and relisted. There is the constant chance of an individual being taken advantage of and lied to by strangers they will never meet. With electronics recycling, the funding from the company is immediate and guaranteed.

Fighting clutter

Recycling old phones can become a small step in the constant war against clutter. Millions of Britons have to fight against the allure of clutter. They have drawers and tables full of old electronics that they cannot let go of. Many of these electronics have not been touched in years. Recycling a handful of old phones may save up an entire drawer that can be used for many other purposes. Decluttering can also help an individual bring more order into their lives and spend more time interacting with the electronics that they enjoy. Individuals who have less old electronics clutter have a better chance of being able to spend their time using the more recent electronics that they actually want to use.


The process of recycling old phones may seem like a chore. Many people may not want to make an extra trip to a facility or go through the effort of mailing the phone away. But in reality, the gesture may take less than five minutes. For a tiny amount of work, an individual might clear out their house, help the environment, and make some money in the process. Few other actions that an individual takes on a regular basis lead to that many positive outcomes.