Employers are not always as sympathetic to the causes of their employees as they should be or as they claim to be. This is particularly true when an employer could be liable for a large sum of money. Rather than ensuring that their employees will receive the compensation that they deserve to care for their families, they will often find a shrewd way to avoid making any payment at all. So, in the worst of circumstances, when you become injured and you cannot work as a result of the injury, your employer will tell you that they are not liable, leaving you with very few options. If this describes you, then you can know that there is hope. Lawyers such as Siegfried and Jensen are there to defend the defenseless.
Know Your Rights

You have basic rights as a citizen and as a human being. This rights extend even to the workplace. If something happens to you while you are on the job, you need to discern what your rights are. In many cases, you may be eligible for paid sick leave. Your employer could be liable for this. This is something that your attorney can help you to discern.

Protecting Yourself After An Injury At Work

Who Is At Fault?

During a time of crisis, the employer will often try to make the case that the employee is the one who is at fault, and therefore they are not liable for the accident. But you should not be taken in by this maneuver. They will almost always say that because they do not want to have to endure the financial consequences of being at fault. But if you reflect on what happened and explain it to your attorney, they will do their best to determine whether you are at fault and help you based on that assessment.

Do Not Delay

Sometimes employees will not want to take the time to report an injury right away. They will think that it is not too serious or that they can wait a little while. But if you do that, then your chances of receiving the compensation that you deserve will be diminished. You may give the impression that if you do not need to report the injury, then it is not so serious that they need to pay worker’s compensation. Your employer has a duty to file an insurance claim. They can only do that if they know that something has happened.

You should not allow yourself to be taken advantage of or put in a compromising situation. Contact Siegfried and Jensen today and ensure that you are receiving the full compensation that you deserve. Take this step so that you can better care for your family during this ordeal.