Engineering is certainly not a faculty made of pink and flowers (as of loops and guns) but like other things, be an engineer has its advantages.

I guess your doubts: “What?? I’m an engineer, studio since I joined without having stopped for even a moment: that vantage cabbage should have all this?? I am just desperate. “All things very right, God forbid. But evaluated with me these little things.

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What a satisfaction to be able to give the satisfied reply to the question “What are you studying?” With “Engineering”, with the one who gave you the question of admiration look outline?

Think, too, that you can always look down on all the other faculties.

Supreme reason and absolute

All of your study, all your despair will not be in vain! You have acquired enough knowledge to be able to be always right. At any juncture. In any situation. In any size! As? No, I’m sorry … The girls continue to prevail, we are not so powerful.

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Pure intelligence

Another is that a corollary of the previous advantage: having always right, everyone around you will be automatically stupid. You will insult to your heart all those who do not attend engineering, such as architects. ESPECIALLY THE ARCHITECTS (but do not overdo it … Scherzo, blacks have them).

A lot of friends

Everyone believes that everyone engineering studies to be able to repair everything from headphones to a car. So think about how many friends (of convenience), you can make! Obviously once discovered that, in fact, do not even know to mount an egg Kinder surprise, we will be abandoned at a speed greater than that of light (to Einstein’s face and his theories).

There is another way

We are engineers! We have not only a plan A, but a plan for each letter of the alphabet (Italian or not). We question everything, including resolution of any kind of exercise. No matter how simple a question, we will always find complicated methods (and, at the same time, divine) so as not to agree to other blasphemous not enrolled in engineering.

Have you seen? They were doubters, but the facts are clear: be engineers really has advantages! It is worth take 20 years to a degree that will not bring any kind of benefit and which will make the unemployed like so many others! …… A good make, I’m going back to cry.